Rwanda Memoir

– $12

In 2014, Lee went to Rwanda with a group led by Olivia Stokes Dreier of the Karuna Center for Peacebuilding which works extensively to bring healing after the genocide. This is Lee's illustrated memoir of those 10 days, meeting many of the people who suffered the genocide and many who have striven to bring healing. $12 proceeds to go to Karuna.

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These workbooks have distilled insights and approaches of Rudolf Steiner to these life themes and offer many practical and imaginative exercises that can be taken up individually or in groups. They also offer extensive resources for those who might wish to pursue anthroposophy in greater depth. Once you have purchased a workbook, you will be automatically redirected to a new page where you will be able to download the workbook instantaneously. If you are not automatically redirected, please click “Return to Merchant” on the payment receipt page.

Biography/Life Cycles – $9

Describes the 7yr life phases from birth through 63, the mirroring and recapitulation of childhood phases in later adulthood. Shows how to draw the Life Chart, and offers many biographical exercises for individuals and groups.

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Double-Trouble – $9

There are many aspects of the human being that await conscious transformation and these can lead to conflicts between us, between groups and nations. This workbook describes the polar "temptations" we all walk between, and 7 regions of our nature in which our "doubles" influence our behaviors. It offers many practical and artistic ways of working creatively with the challenges of our own doubles, and between ourselves and others.

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Nurturing Relationships – $9

Offers insights and approaches to the field of human relationships, with many practical and imaginative exercises for individuals, couples and groups. Destiny and karma is also addressed. A chapter on single parenting is included.

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Creating Community – $9

We live in a community with our environment, the people in our lives, those who have died and spiritual beings who surround and influence us. This workbook offers many insights and approaches to developing and enhancing the web of connections that sustains each of us as individuals and members of a world community.

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Movement Drawing Workbook – $7

A simple introduction to the art of the moving line, a practice in many ancient mystery centers, and a wonderfully harmonizing and energizing activity for our times.

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Planetary Qualities for Working Groups – $7.50

Describes the planetary qualities that emerge in adolescence and have a profound effect on our working together as adults. Learning to distinguish our own primary qualities and those of others in our working communities (families, schools etc) can enable us to function more creatively as an individual and in working groups.

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All Workbooks – $42

A total of 6!

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