LIFEWAYS for Healing Education seeks to bring deeper understanding and practical ways of working with the questions and challenges that confront us today as individuals and as members of our communities. All this work is inspired by Anthroposophy.

Lee offers workshops for adults and retreats for schools and other communities. She teaches in several Waldorf Teacher Training programs. (She was a Waldorf parent for 13 years).

She has written on many themes of adult development and parenting. (Her chapter on single-parenting appears in More Lifeways, Hawthorn Press, and a chapter on her own work in Remembering Wholeness by Julia Hope Price & Jozef: Divine Imaging;

Some Themes:

  • Personal Biography/Life Cycles
  • Nurturing Relationships
  • Using Our Imagination
  • Finding Balance in Daily Life
  • Double Trouble
  • Movement (Form) Drawing as a Path of Development

(Fees available on request through the contact email).