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Meet the Wibbly Bibs

Two little girls who have adventures that take them into other worlds. Sometimes rocket ships are flown, and sometimes magical woodland characters are met. A collection of stories written and illustrated with colored pencil drawings by the Grandmother of two REAL little girls.

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A Turtle Tale

A tale of a family of turtles who have to leave their river, and find a new place to call home. This story was written for Jad age 4 from Damascus, Syria, who had to leave his home and his turtles behind in 2013.


I am sitting with my family now in Damascus reading it in the garden, with the turtles out and about all around us, and Jad is running through the water sprinklers with his siblings!! We are happy to be home for the summer and now we are even happier to be in your book!!!

Thank you Lee!! Thank you for seeing beyond our faces and right into our pain, into our memories, and into our hearts.
Lots of love!! Mina and Jad!!!

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